The 2024 Kia Sportage: A Versatile Compact Crossover that Blends Style, Comfort, and Efficiency. This comprehensive guide covers everything from the latest features and pricing to performance, interior amenities, and more, making it your go-to source for Sportage.

Overview of the 2024 Kia Sportage

  • Spacious Interior: The two-row Sportage offers ample room for passengers and cargo.
  • Engine Options: Choose from a standard 187-hp four-cylinder or more powerful hybrid and PHEV variants.
  • Affordable Luxury: Competitively priced with rivals like the Mazda CX-5 and Honda CR-V, offering many features and equipment.

2024 Updates: Safety and Style

  • Enhanced Safety: Introduction of second-row airbags and standard LED projector headlights across all models.
  • Trim Adjustments: Streamlined offerings with the discontinuation of the AWD SX trim.

Pros and Cons of the 2024 Kia Sportage


  • Spacious Interior: Ample room for passengers and cargo.
  • Advanced Safety Features: Equipped with modern safety technology.
  • Impressive Warranty: Offers one of the longest powertrain warranties in the industry.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Good fuel economy, especially in hybrid models.
  • Stylish Design: Eye-catching exterior and interior design.


  • Base Engine Performance: The standard engine might lack the punch some drivers prefer.
  • No Complimentary Maintenance: Unlike some competitors, it doesn’t offer free scheduled maintenance.
  • Towing Capacity: While decent, it could be better for heavy towing.

Colors Available for the 2024 Kia Sportage

Exterior Color Options

The Kia Sportage typically offers a range of color options, which may include:

  • Standard colors like white, black, silver, and gray.
  • Vibrant options such as red, blue, and green.

Pricing and Recommendations for the 2024 Kia Sportage

2024 Kia Sportage Trim Levels and Prices

  • LX: Priced at $28,415, the entry-level model offers basic features.
  • EX: Available at $30,415, this trim level adds more comfort and technology.
  • X-Line: Priced at $33,215, it provides a more rugged appearance and additional features.
  • SX: Costs $33,915, focusing on a sportier look and feel.
  • SX-Prestige: Available for $35,915, this variant enhances luxury and technology features.
  • X-Pro: Priced at $37,415, it is geared towards off-road capability.
  • X-Pro Prestige: At $39,215, the top-end model combines off-road features with luxury elements.

Recommended Trim: EX

  • Price: $30,415.
  • Key Features:
    • Larger 12.3-inch Infotainment Screen: Provides a more user-friendly and visually appealing interface.
    • Wireless Smartphone Charging: Adds convenience by eliminating the need for cables.
    • Heated Front Seats: Enhances comfort, especially in colder climates.

Value Proposition

The EX trim, priced moderately at $30,415, balances affordability and the inclusion of desirable features. It enhances the driving experience with its larger infotainment screen, adds convenience with wireless charging, and improves comfort with heated seats. These additions make the EX trim a compelling choice for buyers looking for a mix of technology, comfort, and value in the compact crossover segment.

Engine, Transmission, and 2024 Kia Sportage Performance

  • Standard and Hybrid Powertrains: Base 187-hp four-cylinder engine or more dynamic hybrid options.
  • Improved Ride Comfort: Benefits from a new platform with a longer wheelbase.
  • Off-Road Ready: X-Pro trims equipped for adventure with all-terrain tires and multiple drive modes.

2024 Kia Sportage Interior Design and Cargo

2024 Kia Sportage Interior Design and Cargo

  • Modern and Versatile: Features a large digital display, two-tone color schemes, and a sophisticated center console.
  • Increased Space: Enhanced rear-seat legroom and 40 cubic feet of cargo space.

Infotainment and Connectivity

  • Tech-Forward: Standard Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and an 8.0-inch display.
  • Upgraded Options: Larger 12.3-inch display, Harman/Kardon audio, wireless charging, and Wi-Fi hotspot available.

Towing and Payload Capacity

  • Light-Duty Towing: Maximum capacity of 2,500 pounds with aftermarket trailer brake controller.
  • Fuel Efficiency: Impressive mpg ratings, with all-wheel-drive models excelling in real-world tests.

Warranty and Maintenance

  • Industry-Leading Warranty: Five-year/60,000-mile limited warranty and ten-year/100,000-mile powertrain warranty.

Specifications and Performance of the 2023 Kia Sportage X-Pro Prestige AWD

Price and Options

  • Base/As Tested Price: $38,415/$39,075.
  • Options Include Jungle Green paint with an Ebony black roof, carpeted floor mats, wheel locks, and a cargo net.

Engine Specifications

  • Type: DOHC 16-valve inline-4, aluminum block and head, port, and direct fuel injection.
  • Displacement: 152 in³, 2497 cm³.
  • Power: 187 hp @ 6100 rpm.
  • Torque: 178 lb-ft @ 4000 rpm.


  • Type: 8-speed automatic.


  • Suspension (Front/Rear): Struts/Multilink.
  • Tires: BFGoodrich Trail Terrain T/A, 235/65R-17 104H M+S.


  • Wheelbase: 108.5 in.
  • Length: 183.5 in.
  • Width: 73.4 in.
  • Height: 66.9 in.
  • Passenger Volume (Front/Rear): 52/50 ft³.
  • Cargo Volume (Behind Front/Rear): 74/40 ft³.
  • Curb Weight: 3728 lb.

Performance Test Results

  • Acceleration (0-60 mph): 8.6 sec.
  • Quarter Mile: 16.5 sec @ 85 mph.
  • Top Speed: 117 mph (governor limited).
  • Braking (70–0 mph): 180 ft.
  • Roadholding (300-ft Skidpad): 0.84 g.

Fuel Economy

  • Observed: 20 mpg.
  • Highway Driving (75 mph): 31 mpg.
  • Highway Range: 440 miles.
  • EPA Ratings (Combined/City/Highway): 25/23/28 mpg.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is the Kia Sportage a reliable vehicle?

The Kia Sportage generally receives good reliability ratings, bolstered by its extensive warranty coverage.

Does the Kia Sportage have good fuel economy?

Yes, especially the hybrid models. The standard versions also offer competitive fuel efficiency for their class.

Can the Kia Sportage handle off-road driving?

The X-Pro trim has features for mild off-road driving, including all-terrain tires and specific drive modes.

What is the price range for the Kia Sportage?

Prices vary based on trim and options but typically range from around $28,000 to over $39,000.


The 2024 Kia Sportage is a top contender in the compact crossover segment. Its blend of style, safety, and value, diverse trim options, and strong warranty make it a compelling choice for a wide range of drivers. Whether you’re seeking efficiency, comfort, or adventure-readiness, the Sportage offers a package that’s hard to overlook.


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