Union Star 70cc Motorcycle Price in Pakistan

Union Star 70cc Motorcycle Price in Pakistan PKR 105,500. The Union Star 70cc motorcycle 2023 model is one of the market’s most affordable choices, especially compared to other Chinese bikes, at PKR 105,500.

The Union Star 70cc Motorcycle’s Fuel Efficiency

The Union Star 70cc motorcycle is known for its exceptional fuel economy, with a fuel average of more than 50 kilometers per liter. It is the best choice for long-distance drivers who want to save money on petrol because of its high fuel efficiency. With its fuel-efficient design, the Union Star 70cc offers a cost-effective long-distance and daily travel option.

Key Features of the Union Star 70cc Motorcycle

  • Comfortable Seating: The bike is designed with a comfortable seat complemented by a rear grip to enhance the passenger’s security.
  • Stylish Fuel Tank: The fuel tank is newly designed with attractive graphics, making it visually appealing.
  • Enhanced Lighting: It includes a new shape for the backlight and a stylish headlight, contributing to the bike’s modern aesthetic.
  • Engine Implementation: The bike is powered by a robust 4-stroke engine that promises a smoke-less experience.
  • Shock Absorption: Equipped with powerful absorber shocks, the bike is tailored for smooth rides, even on challenging roads.
  • Modern Technology: Incorporates the latest motorcycle technology for an efficient and reliable riding experience.
  • Stylish Indicators: The indicators are not only functional but also add to the bike’s elegant design.
  • Fuel Economy: The bike is known for its exceptional fuel economy, making it a cost-effective choice for riders.

Union Star Bike Specifications, Engine and Mechanics

Engine 4 Stroke, Single Cylinder Engine
Displacement 70cc
Bore & Stroke N/A
Compression Ratio N/A
Clutch N/A
Transmission 4 Speed
Starting Kick Starter
Frame N/A
Dimension (Lxwxh) N/A
Ground Clearance N/A
Petrol Capacity 9 Liters
Tyre at Front N/A
Tyre at Back N/A
Dry Weight N/A

Decision-Making Information

For those considering the Union Star 70cc, the bike’s specifications and price point make it a compelling choice for budget-conscious consumers. It is important to note that the Union Star 70cc is a kick-start model, not a self-start bike.

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FAQs about Union Star 70cc Motorcycle Price in Pakistan

Q: What is the Union Star 70cc Motorcycle Price in Pakistan for 2023?

A: The Union Star 70cc Bike is priced at PKR 105,500.

Q: What are the new design features of the Union Star 70cc?

A: The bike features a new fuel tank design with graphics, a stylish speedometer, and unique shapes for the headlight and taillight.

Q: What colors are available for the Union Star 70cc Bike?

A: The bike is available in red and black colors.

Q: Does the Union Star 70cc Bike have good fuel efficiency?

A: Yes, the Union Star 70cc  Motorcycle offers impressive fuel efficiency with over 50 km per liter of petrol.


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