Common Triumph Street Triple 675 Problems: The Triumph Street Triple 675 motorcycle is known for its strong performance and excellent design. It uses a particular 675cc engine with three cylinders, giving it much power.

However, every motorcycle has its own issues. This article will discuss the main problems people have with their Triumph Street Triple 675 bikes.

7 Common Triumph Street Triple 675 Problems and Solutions

7 Common Triumph Street Triple 675 Problems and Solutions

Regulator/Rectifier Failure

The regulator/rectifier converts AC from the alternator into DC to charge the battery and power the motorcycle’s electrical systems. Failure of this component is a common issue, leading to battery drain, overheating, and electrical failures.

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Symptoms of Regulator/Rectifier Failure

Dimming lights, dead battery, erratic instrument panel behavior.

Solution of Regulator/Rectifier Failure

Regularly check the battery’s health and the charging system’s output. If signs of failure are evident, replacing the regulator/rectifier with a higher-quality aftermarket option can provide a more durable solution.

Stator Problems

The stator generates the electricity needed to run your bike’s electrical systems and charge the battery. A malfunctioning stator can lead to insufficient power generation, affecting overall performance.

Symptoms Stator Problems

Poor battery charging, engine misfires, electrical glitches.

Solution of Stator Problems

Conduct a visual inspection for any signs of burnt coils or damage. Testing the stator’s output with a multimeter can also help diagnose the issue. Replacement with a quality aftermarket stator is often the best course of action.

Cam Chain Tensioner Failure

The cam chain tensioner maintains the correct tension on the cam chain. If it fails, it can lead to excessive noise and, in severe cases, timing issues or engine damage.

Symptoms Cam Chain Tensioner Failure

It is a rattling noise from the engine, particularly at low RPMs.

Solution of Cam Chain Tensioner Failure

Inspect and replace the cam chain tensioner if necessary. It’s advisable to use genuine Triumph parts or high-quality aftermarket options for replacement.

Gearbox Issues

Some Street Triple 675 riders have reported issues with the gearbox, including false neutrals between gears, especially between the 5th and 6th gears.

Symptoms Gearbox Issues

Difficulty in changing gears and finding false neutrals.

Solution of Gearbox Issues

Regular gearbox maintenance, including changing the transmission oil and adjusting the clutch, can mitigate these issues. If problems persist, consult with a Triumph specialist.

Water Pump Seals

Leaking water pump seals can lead to coolant loss and overheating, affecting the motorcycle’s performance and longevity.

Symptoms Water Pump Seals

Coolant leakage, overheating engine.

Solution of Water Pump Seals

 Regular inspection of the cooling system and prompt replacement of faulty seals can prevent significant damage. Use high-quality seals to ensure a lasting repair.

Electrical Connectors and Wiring Harness Issues

The Street Triple 675 can suffer from corroded electrical connectors and wiring harness issues, affecting the electrical system’s reliability.

Symptoms Electrical Connectors and Wiring Harness Issues

Intermittent electrical faults, starting problems.

Solution of Electrical Connectors and Wiring Harness Issues

Inspect and clean all electrical connections regularly, mainly if the bike is used in wet conditions. Applying dielectric grease can prevent corrosion. Replace any damaged wires or connectors to ensure reliability.

Exhaust Valve Servo Motor Failure

The exhaust valve servo motor controls the valve’s position to optimize engine performance. Failure of this component can lead to performance issues.

Symptoms Exhaust Valve Servo Motor Failure

Poor engine performance and error codes related to the exhaust system.

Solution of Exhaust Valve Servo Motor Failure

Diagnosing the issue with a diagnostic tool can confirm servo motor failure. Replacement with an OEM or aftermarket servo motor can restore performance. Some riders opt to remove the system entirely with a servo buddy. However, this should be done with consideration of local emissions regulations.

FAQs: 7 Common Triumph Street Triple 675 Problems

1. What are the most common issues with the Triumph Street Triple 675?

The most common problems include electrical issues, such as faulty rectifiers or stators; gearbox problems, like hard shifting or false neutrals; overheating due to cooling system inefficiencies; premature wear of suspension components; regulator/rectifier failures leading to the battery and charging issues; excessive engine noise or rattling, and potential for coolant leaks.

2. How can I tell if my Triumph Street Triple 675 has a rectifier issue?

Symptoms of a faulty rectifier include difficulty starting the bike, the battery not holding a charge, dimming lights at low RPMs, and the motorcycle unexpectedly shutting off. Checking the voltage output with a multimeter can confirm that the rectifier functions correctly.

3. Are gearbox issues common in the Triumph Street Triple 675?

Some riders have reported experiencing hard shifting, false neutrals, or difficulty engaging gears. Regular maintenance and proper adjustment of the clutch and gearbox can help mitigate these issues.

4. Can overheating damage my Triumph Street Triple 675?

Overheating can lead to severe engine damage if not addressed. Ensuring the cooling system is clean, properly functioning, and topped with coolant can prevent overheating. Regular checks for leaks or damaged hoses are also essential.

5. What should I do if my bike’s suspension wears out prematurely?

Premature suspension wear can affect ride quality and handling. Inspecting the suspension components for signs of wear or damage and replacing worn parts is recommended. Regular servicing can also extend the life of your suspension.

6. How do I fix charging issues on my Triumph Street Triple 675?

Charging issues often stem from a faulty regulator/rectifier. Testing the component and battery with a multimeter can diagnose the problem. Replacing the defective parts is usually necessary to resolve charging issues.

7. What causes excessive engine noise in the Triumph Street Triple 675?

Excessive engine noise can be caused by various issues, including loose components, valve clearance needing adjustment, or internal engine wear. A thorough inspection by a qualified mechanic can identify the source of the noise.

8. Is the Triumph Street Triple 675 commonly affected by coolant leaks?

Coolant leaks can occur but aren’t necessarily expected. Regular inspection of hoses, connections, and radiators for signs of leaks or damage is essential to prevent overheating and engine damage.

9. How can I prevent these issues from happening to my Triumph Street Triple 675?

Regular maintenance, following the manufacturer’s service schedule, and promptly addressing any signs of problems can significantly reduce the risk of these common issues affecting your bike.


While the Triumph Street Triple 675 is remarkable, awareness of these common issues can help owners maintain their motorcycles in top condition. Regular maintenance, using high-quality parts for repairs, and addressing problems promptly can prevent minor issues from becoming major concerns, ensuring the joy of riding your Street Triple 675 for years to come.


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